References and Annotated Bibliography
about big trefoil

compiled by Jonathan Christie

 Updated 2017

Primary sources used on my webpage

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If you read only one article, read this one.

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If you get only one big book, this is the one.


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General Resources on Lotus


Oregon Big Trefoil Fact Sheet

Australian Fact Sheet on Big Trefoil

Use of trefoil in tropical forages.

The Lotus Newsletter


Use of Big Trefoil in Oregon & Washington coastal pastures.

Use of Big Trefoil in tropical (Hawaii) soil systems. Trefoil is about 1/3 of the way down.

Use of big trefoil in the Falklands.

Anonymous (1959) Pollination of Bird's Foot Trefoil. Amer. Bee Jour. 99:90-91. as cited in:

Oregon Coastal Pastures factsheet supporting Lotus. EM8645 (pdf)

Hannaway & McGuire. 1981. Growing Birdsfoot Trefoil for Forage. FS 259. Oregon State University Extension Service.





Trefoil: The Science and Technology of Lotus. CSSA Special Publications #28. ASA-CSSA.
--A comprehensive survey of the genus. Includes a good description of Lotus in reclamation.

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--A good general handbook comparing many legumes. Contains many of the rarer plants.


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--Older article, but full of good information. Difficult to find, though.


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--Almost impossible to find now but worth reading.


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--A discussion on big trefoil in Indiana and the foundation of the Kaiser cultivar.


Articles of Interest:


Edmeades, Blamey, Asher, & Edwards, 1991. "Effects of pH and Aluminum on the growth of temperate pasture species I & II." In Australian Agriculture Research 42:559-569 & 42:893-900.


Wheeler & Dodd, 1995. "The effect of aluminum on the growth of a range of temperate legume species and cultivars: A summary of results." In Plant Soil Interactions at Low pH (R.A. Date et al. eds.) pp. 433-437.

--These two articles present data showing aluminum tolerance of Lotus.


Shiferaw, Shelton, & So, 1992. "Tolerance of some subtropical pasture legumes to waterlogging." In Tropical Grasslands 26:3,187-195.
--Documents how big trefoil survives well in waterlogged conditions.


West, Dean, & Perceval, 1991. "The productivity of Maku Lotus as a forest understorey." In Proceedings of the New Zealand Grassland Association 53:169-173.
--Discusses how big trefoil is used to seed forest understoreys for habitat and to prevent erosion.


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