Inoculants for big trefoil

To have legumes perform nitrogen fixation, you must have the proper bacteria in your soil to fix the nitrogen. Unless you naturally have Lotus in your fields already, you’ll need to inoculate your seed prior to seeding. Inoculant for Lotus are species-specific. This means big trefoil’s inoculant is separate from birdsfoot.

Our coated seed includes the inoculant as part of the coating.

If you buy uncoated seed you will need to add your own inoculant separately. We can provide you with the correct inoculant if you wish to do this. Contact us for pricing and availability.

If you have a large amount of seed to inoculate (including that of other legumes), I encourage you to buy directly from our inoculant supplier. See his information below:

Thomas J. (Tom) Wacek, Ph.D
Plant Probotics
4533 Red Oaks Court
Lafayette, IN 47909
765 746 6188
e-wire =

Legumes treated:
Inoculants for most of the common specialty, landscape, or remediation legumes such as prairie clovers, Illinois bundle flower, lead plant, lespedeza, leucaena, lablab, lupine, assorted special clovers (including Kura clover), medics, crown vetch, trefoils, sesbania, hedysarum species, and desmodium species are available.

If I do not have a particular strain or am not familiar with a particular legume, I will evaluate my culture collect at no cost to determine if I can produce an Inoculant for the legume in question -- as long as I am able to obtain seed of the legume.

Allow 3 – 4 weeks between order-date and delivery of the Inoculant.
Note: quantities may be limited as per production capability.

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